Speaking of Selfridges: Mr. Selfridge, Season 2

It’s back!  Did you catch it last Sunday night on Masterpiece Theater?

download (2)

I wasn’t sure, after all the goings-on last season, if I would be back.  

And *yes*…it can be a little silly and faux dramatic.

But the interior of the store, itself, is enough to keep me coming.  Not to mention my favorite character, Agnes Towler.  She’s the shop-girl-made-good, come back from Paris to be the Visual Merchandiser for the whole darned store.  Go, Agnes!

download (1)

She’s played, adorably, by actress Aisling Loftus.  And I just love how they are letting her character grow.  She’s come back from Paris–very a la mode.  Even though she is slightly sweating her big promotion, she is doing it in grand style.  


And, of course, what I really want to know–will she and Henri resume their affaire?  They are superbly mated.  I am keeping my fingers crossed tight!



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