Tuesday! Too Darned Hot!

Ok.  It is a scorcher out there today in Los Angeles.  It was almost 90 degrees this afternoon~  So you may wonder why I am thinking about leather gloves.

Yes.  Leather.  Gloves.

Probably this thought grew out of thinking about my last post.  About Mr. Selfridge being back on the air.  And thinking of my favorite character, Agnes Towler.  And those wonderful red gloves that Mr. S. himself gifted her in the first episode.


My goodness.  They were so very lovely!  And then I got to thinking of some leather gloves and handbags that I have seen recently on Etsy.  

At the Gloves Masters Shop you can find some absolutely stunning accessories.  They are truly delicious.  And, I think, not too late for many folks around the country to yet pull off.  So, I will continue to fan myself and dream of climates that cry for abundant accessorizing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some of my favorite gloves from their shop.  And don’t forget to check out the bags, as well.  They are wonderful!  

But best of all–they are all set at a price point that would certainly make even an Agnes T. smile.



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