Friday Femme: Close to Home

Let’s just lay it out.   It must be that I am getting over a cold which seems to be going into bronchitis.  

For some reason, this Friday I am not wanting to travel far to find my Femme of the day.  

So instead, I think that I will share myself and some silly selfies with you.

* * * 

As you know, I take the bus to-and-from my 9-5.  Let me tell you–that makes for a lot of standing around time.  

But I DO get so much done!  Reading.  Listening to music, podcasts and old radio shows.  Doodling.  

List-making and Dreaming.  

There is a lot to take in.  (And to block out).  I find that it is a meditative process, this getting-home business. 

It’s the time I use to gear up for or to shake off the day.  And I get the opportunity to be the ultimate artist.   To be with alone with myself in a crowd and observe.  Let me tell you–it’s quite a show out there!  And I don’t dare disturb those around me.  If I do is snap pictures, it is usually a discreet shot of me.  (Which looks like me just looking at my phone).  And of my day.  To record how it feels. 


Sometimes I will focus on a fashion detail or combination.  Other times, it is to check and see if  it is possible to match what is going on with me internally, to the “self” that I  am presenting to the world.  

And now that I am in my 40, I see my appearance changes on what seems like an almost daily basis.  It is really strange and magical to see this transformation take place.  It  is something to look at the mirror and not recognize the face staring back at you.  It is like meeting a stranger sometimes.  And makes me realize that I have missed something, in that I pretty much had stopped taking “real” pictures for the longest time.  That space in-between technologies:  from the small canvas of  the simple camera.  To the personal galaxy of the smart phone.     

I remember a few years ago reading that David Hockney uses an App on his I-phone to create a “work-of-art” daily.  I found that interesting.  I mean, an artist uses whatever medium is available as a means of expression, right?  So that is what I do when I am in full commute:  Play.  Think.  Capture.  Express.

It makes me think that this must feel like what having a Kodak Brownie was like, so many years ago.  

The ability to capture reality.  Through Your.  Own.  Lens.  

* * *




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