Good Gravy! A Great Trade!

I was tickled over the weekend to get a Trade Request from Etsy Seller Diane, from Fashion Renovation

She was interested in this cloche in My Etsy Shop:


* * *

After a look-see in her shop, I traded her the hat for these goodies:


I love to use these awesome vintage enameled trays while I am working.  They keep everything close at hand. 



I have plans for this sweet hat.  Going to do some “Millinery Archaeology” and rework the sweatband and trim. 

I have a plan in the works for a line of upcycled vintage hats.  Have been working on a few and they are fun.  This one is a sweet honey.  Can’t wait to have a crack at it.

It’s also a great way to hone my skillsets by un-working at hat and seeing how it is made in the first place.  Invaluable information.

* * *

Trading on Etsy has been one of the unexpected delights of the whole experience.

It is so much fun to have this type of interaction with like-minded people.

Meet-barter-play.  It is a currency that is fresh and so new.  But as old as time. 

Good stuff.

And it already came in the mail!  Thanks again, Diane.  Great trade! 



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