WWD: Trending Ahead.

I love the Women’s Wear Daily Facebook Page.  

It provides me with a quick, constant Fashion Fix.  

It’s great that the feed comes at you in a fast and furious rate.  That you get to parse through at your own pace to see what is coming up for the next season.  

Yes.  There are articles that pack it up and wrap it in a nice bow.  But I will still take that any day of the week, rather than have some glossy rag full of adverts shoving suggestions at me that I MUST BUY NOW, in order to be up-to-date.  No thanks.

I want to share this article they posted yesterday–identifying 7 trends for FW14.

Here is a gallery of what most appealed to me…

1.  Over-sized Tailoring





2.  Sixties



3.  Fur

chloe-029 j-mendel28


4.  Pastel



5.  Knit


6.  Shine



7.  Plaid


Click on the link to see a much larger slideshow.  Great stuff.  

Makes a girl start feeling all sorts of cozy.  In April, yet.  






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