Friday Femmes. The Fashion Forward Ladies of Advanced Style.

Great article in the The Globe and Mail today.  About one of my favorite blogs:  Advanced Style.  Ari Seth Cohen is the genius behind the project–to document and feature mature women who rock their individuality with grace.  At full-tilt.


I find this site to be so inspirational.  As someone who has always loved fashion and who is always wanting to “go a little bigger,” but is sometimes tentative about it…I really appreciate the examples of these wonderful ladies set.  They prove to me day after day, that it is just Life and Fashion, after all.  Why not have some fun, while you are at it?  !!!

The article features some of the more prolific, recognizable of these mavens.  And their signature looks.  One of which is the amazing Tziporah Salamon.  The article aptly describes her as a “virtuoso in the art of layering and mixing patterns.”  Truth!  I can relate and appreciate that she says it can “take years to complete an outfit.”  Hear, hear!  I just love her curation-approach to fashion.

image (1)

And as a woman-0f-a-certain-age myself, I look to embrance this challenge.  To view my own aging in a more hopeful, fun way.  As something to look forward to–a life’s gathering and shedding of personae and possession.  A beacon and call to the future.  


Thanks, Ari & all these fabulous ladies.  I truly salute you!


PS:  So tickled that recently FB friend requested both Ms. Salamon and Ari Seth Cohen. And they accepted.  SO COOL!  🙂


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