Sources were Revealed.

This weekend, I will be going to Downtown L.A. for Unique LA (which is another post, entirely).  

In any case, I am hoping to make it to my favorite place for finding fabric.


(Which is NOT here–though it is pretty good, too)  

* * *

but HERE….


(just cross the street and up a long staircase).

* * *

YES.  2 BUCKS Fiteh.  


And as much fun digging as a girl can ever want.  

* * *

Because why would you settle for this:


* * *

when you could experience THIS:



The last time I went, I hit the jackpot…a ton of primo vintage fabrics.  Many of which were sales samples in all the print colorways.  Really nice.

Who knows what I will find.  For me, it is as much the thrill of the hunt.  The not knowing.  Happy surprises.  And the making-do with what you do find.  

And I am so happy to share this, and any other source.  

If you are in the Los Angeles Area & looking for some fun picking–check it out!  It is in the heart of the fabric district.

Michael Levine is located at:
920 S Maple
Los Angeles, CA 90015.

The loft is right across the street.  

Wish me luck!



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