Autochrome, part 2. Earlier Memories.

Thinking more about Autochrome photography jogged my memory to an even earlier memory–that goes back about 20 years.  When I purchased a box of cards that featured this image


I adored these cards.  Not only were they beautiful.  But it reminded me so very much of my relationship with my first, then-living, cat–Rufus.

10171214_10202733417230532_860971318126332730_nThe.  My Rufus:  Best.  Cat.  Ever.

* * *

The cards were photographs by the German-American photography, Arnold Genthe.  

Beginning in 1906, he created a series that spanned over a span of a decade.  They featured shots of female models.  Plus an orange cat named Buzzer.  

Buzzer was actually four different cats that he used.  And there may be some validity to the claim that he was layering his art with commentary about the women-as-cats.  But no matter…they are wonderful pieces.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

* * *

I love looking at these images.  These beautiful, fleeting moments caught for all time.  They stir me so.  Not only for their own intrinsic loveliness.  But for the memories they conjure for me.

You have to know that I would give anything to be able to squeeze that little orange fellow of mine just one more time.  The Little Man.




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