On Trend. Time Travel.

Have I mentioned that I really do love the look of pastel hair that has been out and about these past few seasons.  I actually was on the verge, the last time that I got my hair colored.  You know–a *mature,* more fun-version of going full-on gray.  But in the pastel-mode.  Something tasteful.  


But hairdresser said not a good idea.  Gar.  Whatevs

I just may have to try somewhere else next time.  Lol.  Because I really like how it looks.  And hell. It is Just. Hair.  After all.  Sheesh.

Here are  a few looks I really am smitten with…

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* * *

And my proudest realization:  that the ladies rocking these awesome locks are actually the living embodiment of one of my favorite things from childhood.  

Liddle. Kiddles.

If you were not a girl-child in the 1960’s & 70’s, these may have passed you by.

They.  Were.  Awesome.  

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What do you think?  Fashion fore-runners of the pastel-hair trend?





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