Friday Find. Friday Favorite.

Ohmigosh.  I think that I just died and went to heaven.

Not sure how, but as you do, I stumbled across a “new-to-me” store on Etsy:  Astexco.


They are based in the Czech Republic and have been trading for 20 + years, but are new to selling on Etsy.  

They are also one of the freshest exporters of this type of wonderful vintage glass, that I have seen.  They have some of the same items as other sellers.  But oh, my goodness–they have so much more.

I am only going to focus this post on the glass beads.  Buttons deserve a whole post of their own.

Did I mention one of the best parts, besides the nice price points, is the flat $6.00 shipping cost to the U.S.  Are you kidding!?  

I am just trying to narrow down my wishlist.

Le. Freaking. Sigh.

Astexco:  I love you. 



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