June 1st. Mom and the Gemini Stars.

Yesterday was my Mom’s Birthday.  Yup.  She’s a June 1st.  

images (5)

I was also always aware that it was Marilyn Monroe’s Birthday, too.

But thanks to the wonder of Social Media–I discovered that it was the special day of many other Entertainers of Note.

Disclaimer:  now I don’t know from Astrology or the Zodiac.  But I do know that many stereotypes about Birth Signs do seem to fit with people that I know personally.  And I, myself, seem to be “the perfect Sagittarius.” (LOL)…

But my Mom.  I have never exactly known the how of her being a Gemini.  I haven’t made the fit.  The connection.

But when I take a look at this varied gallery of actors from decades past–perhaps I see some connection:  Strength. Humor.  And the plain old Humanity behind it.

Something so real and true.  

And THAT.  I can say with certainty, is my Mom.


Happy Birthday, Mary Lou.

I do love you, so.



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