What I’m Watching: Homefront.

Last week, I had a random memory.  Of a TV show from the early 1990’s that I dearly loved.

I couldn’t remember the name.  Or what it was about.  I just remembered the time period.

A few characters.  A gorgeous baseball player.  And a gorgeous blond.  At a bar.

God Bless Google (and its ability to process random information).


download (9)

download (8)

In my teens and twenties, I was such a 1940’s girl.  Dang.  I loved this show.  And it still holds up.  

homefront intro:

* * *

images (9)

My favorite characters, by a mile, are Jeff and Ginger.  They just sparkle and shine in my eyes.  So young.  So adorable.  And it is interesting to watch them literally grow up and blossom, all in the space of a season.

Kyle Chandler couldn’t be more earnest in a sleepy sort of way.  Kind of reminds me of  this:  

 (are you still with me, kids?).

* * *

In any case.  Start from the beginning.  I am on episode 22!  And loving it…


 ps:  For you Mad-Men fans–a special bonus is watching John Slattery play a stand-up Union Rep.  


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