Friday Femme: Hannah Hoch

My introduction to Hannah Hoch was at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  1997.

There was a huge space, dedicated solely to her.  And it touted her as the “Mama of DADA.”

Hannah Höch c1926

At the time, that phrase hit me in a funny little spot.  I think I understand that feeling better now.  I remember being very impressed that her work was *given* such a space.  That much room for Reverence.

And I mean that in a purely admiring way.  And it is a feeling that I have felt again over the years.  With artists like Kara Walker or Lee Bontecou–both of who were featured at the Hammer Museum several years ago.  There is the sad feeling of appreciation for this exposure.

And, I guess, the emerging irritation that it should be so.  But I digress…


And raise my own glass to her.  And her work.  Her wonderful work.

And to promise to myself and to any readers that may be out there–I will continue to feature female artists and inspirations of yesterday and today.

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* * *

As for the rest:  I just smile and remember that we have only recently been given the vote.

Sigh.  It is enough to make you want to

images (2)


 ps:  Read the LA Times Article about the 1997 LACMA exhibit here.


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