TBT: My Favorite Bag

If you are a 1980’s girl, you will likely remember

the Bermuda Bag…



They were the cutest and terribly practical, with their buttoned-slip-coverings.  Sometimes the covers were even reversible.  It was like having two or three bags in one.

I remember distinctly that mine was blue and green.  Of the preppy variety.  Perhaps with whales.  

(Or that might have been my rain-slicker).


* * *

I started thinking about these bags when I saw a banner ad for modern versions being sold over at Mark & Graham.


No animals (darn!).  

But these are pretty cute and do give a nice nod to those of the past…

The site lets you play with the personalizing tool.

I came up with these picks:

Gee!  That was fun.  🙂



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