What drew me in…

To add to the theme of the last post–with the (unknown). fashion collection–what immediately came to my mind when I saw it was the costumes of Bauhaus Theater.

images (4)

images (6)images (5)

That was at least what my first association was.

images (7)

But upon reflection.  I see that this newer collection is also about imagined space.  What is not “seen.”  It is not just drawing contours around a body shape.  It is also what is between the garment and the body it hangs on.  As well AS the body it hangs on.

And that is pretty cool.


ps:  I feel compelled to mention that either style–old or new–makes me giggle.  Not for the reasons you may think.  Truly not from a design-perspective.  

It is purely the thought of my clumsy self.  Being, for even one moment, in such topsy-turvy garb.  I can see myself just tipping right over.  Rolling.  Lolling.  

Good times…



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