Friday Femme: Lotte Reiniger


You may have seen her work and not known it.

Yes.  There is a long tradition of this style in world puppetry theater.  And successors.  For sure, artists influenced by this type of silhouette, paper cutting, and animation.  It lives on in fashion, as well.  For when I googled her name, I saw posts on runway styles and even manicure techniques (!) that emulate her work.

For me, German artist Lotte Reineger has it all going on.  Of course, the working in the time period that I love so much.  But the modern look of her work and use of the contemporary technology.  And her nod to the past.  Oh.  So much to love.

Here is a particularly wonderful example.  Art meets commerce in the endorsement of Nivea Cream and Aspirin.  Fairytale style.  I mean, heck–a girl does have to pay the bills…


You can read more about her career and life here.

And if her process interests you…


But perhaps my very favorite image and tribute of all is this picture:

 images (10)


PS:  While writing this post, I experienced a sensation of some work that I had seen locally, not all that long ago.  Something important that made me think of Reiniger’s work.  Finally.  My brain let go and reminded me that it was the stunning Kara Walker exhibition that was at the Hammer Museum a few years ago.  The film I was remembering was this work:

My god.  Now Kara Walker.  Now she’s a whole post, or 3,  for another time.  But that is how it works, no?  x! 






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