House Projects. Coveting.

I have 2 more full days of work.  Then…freedom!


Freedom for so many things.  But secondarily speaking, I really want to get my house in order.  We’ve lived in the same place for 18 (!!) years now.  When we moved in, there was SO MUCH STORAGE.  Now–it is feeling a little cramped.  It’s definitely time to purge.

But after that.  Would really like to fix some things up.  Or maybe move and begin again…

So while these are not likely to happen at this location, here are some great looks that I found on MessyNessyChic.  From an article entitled “5 Vintage Ideas to Steal from Nostalgic NYC Dream Loft.”


Granted, our place is purely Los Angeles Dilapidated Mad Men Pad.  But I do fancy some of these ideas.  



Aren’t they dishy?  Mental note:  taken.



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