Home. Again.

I’m back!  


Yes.  It is actually true.  I was away from Los Angeles.  Home.  And all I have come to call my own–for the past four months.

With one day off in between my last job & what I came to call my ‘new one’ — helping out around my nuclear family homestead in Oregon, while nearly all my close loved ones battled a barrage of health concerns.  It was quite a time.

I had made the decision not to blog during that time, as I was living “all in” while there.  Experiencing my old, original family life like I had not done for 20-something years.  

But believe me.  I did miss this little corner of the world.  my little piece!  It is such a haven for me.


Wecome back:  Me.  You.


I think that it’s time for some pure fashion/lifestyle fun.  

Stay tuned for some changes in the appearance of this page.  I look forward to putting up more resource links and bringing you the best in what I find on the internets, culture (high and low!), and around town.

Gee.  I sure have missed you…



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