Musts. For a Monday.

Looking forward to it being my Birthday month, in December.  



That usually means I am either gifted a certificate from one of my favorite places.  Or, I can take some Birthday Cash right down to spend on some items that I simply Cannot.  Live.  Without.


1.  Ocean Salt:  Best face scrub ever.


2.  Porridge Soap:  Smells like the best bowl of oatmeal, with fresh cream and raw sugar.  For washing that salt off.


3.  Ro’s Argan:  Don’t know/care if I am using this correctly.  Trust me.  Best facial moisturizer.  And that scent…


4.  Rose Jam Shower Gel:  Because you might as well smell like a rose all over.


5.  Popcorn Lip Scrub:  A sweet and salty exfoliator.  What a way to buff those lips!


6.  Honey Trap Lip Balm:  Use after the lip scrub to get a Caramel Corn effect.  AND the softest kisser, ever.

* * *

Sometimes this seems like a bit of a splurge.  But as the products last forever and it makes me happy on a daily basis.  I truly consider this a necessary expense.  Good.  Stuff.

And trust me.  I feel (and smell) delicious.  What a great way to start a wonderful day?  



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