Yes.  It’s Black Friday.  And I have 300 e-mails from retailers in my inbox to prove that fact.


I was inspired, however, by the post on Cladrite Radio’s FB page, reminding me that they sell some rad tee shirts.

Which got me to thinking about how grateful I have been, of late, for my t-shirt collection.  It has been in heavy rotation these days.  In-between jobs and I suppose a titular “house wife,” I have been really relying on comfortable togs to get me through my tasks.  

I love me some graphic tees.  And thought that I would pass some of my favorites out there on to you…

1.  Cladrite 

I really love their simplicity.  Plus they have a line for the kiddies.  And you can order designs in other products, like coffee mugs!

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2.  MNKR

Not going to lie:  I got hooked on this local brand of tee because they always have a $10.00 bin at the Unique LA show.

I love that price point.  And I love to root around.  Not to mention that their products are printed on THE softest cotton.

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3.  Treacherous Minx

Also a regular vendor at Unique LA, I have loved her product, not to mention the way in which she sets up her booth (think 1970’s cozy glam), from my first encounter.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now.  If you will excuse me…

I have some housework to do.  In comfort and in style.



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