Friday Femme: Cassie Shaver


* * *

About a month ago, I threw my name in for this art project:


And just the other day, I received an e-mail to this effect:

10425860_10152541938853230_5080280708470876783_n (1)

And almost immediately, I got an e-mail from my partner!  It is artist, Cassie Shaver.  

Interestingly, she was born and raised not far from the Illinois area that was my stomping grounds for my first 21 years.

She is a Printmaker and Graphic artist that received her BFA from Eastern Kentucky University.


Do check out her website here.  Gorgeous stuff.


I’m already gathering and cutting my pile of goodies to send her.  

I can’t wait to receive the ones she picks out for me.

* * *

The theme of the contest is “New Landscapes,” and apparently 900+ people entered!  So exciting to know that there are others out there who so love the collage medium & are as scrap-crazed as I am…



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