Dreaming: Sock Dreams.

I can’t believe how warm it has been this winter.  At least in Southern California.

(I know.  I know!).  But truly.  

It usually is cool enough to wear some of my favorite-ist of all time accessories:  socks!

 download (7)

I love them.  I will never outgrow them.  I will never stop.  

In my mind, they are far superior to the experience of wearing full stockings or tights.  (blech).  

Yee-gods.  I am talking freedom.  Mobility!  And socks, I think, are rather coy.

* * *

Leaving you with a slideshow of ladies from yesteryear sporting the look.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As well as a gallery of great offerings from Sock Dreams.  It’s a great site.  

They cater to all ages and genders.  And sizes!  They have garters & sock care items.

Plus:  free shipping!  🙂

What a dream!




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