Make the City Pretty.

When I was getting divorced, nearly 20 years ago, I was living alone and on a serious budget.

No cable.  Just a VCR (remember those?  😉

And watching the few video tapes that I had recorded in *former life.*  This meant lots of old movies on TCM.

And sometimes a short or two, like this one:

I would stay up late, nights.  Watching these flicker on a perpetual loop.

They are burned in my brain.

And not in such a bad way, either.


PS 1:  This singular memory brought to you because I just saw the “All Girl Revue” again on TCM recently.  

           This time I had DVR’d it.  

PS 2:  This is such a random little film.  Such a wonderful fluff.  

PS 3:  If only sorting out “Government” were this simple…


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