A Simple Satisfaction: Reading Mrs. Miniver.

It’s my Birthday morning, and I had decided to take a nice long bubble bath, before getting back INTO my largest pair of flannel pajamas for the rest of the morning.  

Looking through my stack of books, I made a grab for something I hadn’t read in quite a while.  But it was the perfect pick for today–Jan Struthers’ Mrs. Miniver.

miniverdownload (6)miniver

You have likely seen the movie, with Greer Garson.  While it is full of good stuff and I don’t want to downplay the effect that it had on wartime morale, it is a *bit much.*  For my time and money:  get the book. It’s easily had on Amazon or Ebay.  

Or, if you like:  read it online here, for free. It’s a quick read.  

What I love is that it captures specific moments in time.  Thoughts flowing from Mrs. M’s consciousness.  Observations.  Memories.  It follows her year, so you travel through the seasons with her.  It is about her family and from her very own specific point of view, but captures very human desires and longings, regardless of class and culture.  

And it is just so very light flowing.  No silly love angles like the movie.  No real wartime flag-waving.  

Just an appreciation for the Small.  The Daily.  That which holds our lives together.


Do check it out.  I think it’s simply grand.



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