Wishbook. Ing.

Do you remember the fun of looking through old school Department Store catalogs?  The 3-inch thick kind?  


Especially the edition that was issued around Christmastime.  The famous Wish Book.

I mostly remember the Sears Catalog.  My sister and i would just pore over that thing.  And, literally, wish.

The Sears Archives has a lot of interesting historical information posted.  Did you know that the first Wish Book was printed in 1933?

And if you want some serious reading material to check out.  Some virtual window shopping from yesteryear–check out the phenomenal site, Wishbook Web.  They have FULL VERSIONS going from the 1930’s to the late 1980’s.  And not just Sears–they feature other shops as well.  

They even have the versions that I remember so fondly from my 1970’s childhood.  Pretty cool to see, in retrospect.  To view from my memory’s eye–what was so very coveted.  What I got.  And that time spent in between.  And plus, what the price points were and how my parents must have had to figure that out.  



(Yes–I had the Hippie Sunshine Family.  Though I remember them as being barefoot–lol).

I highly recommend you take this “trip.”  The only thing you have to remember, once you start daydreaming, is that you can’t just call them up and have this stuff delivered.  

Enjoy, my holiday loves.



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