Change. Inspiration. And an Edit.

I typically change my blog “appearance” on a monthly basis.  I always enjoy looking for photos of fierce vintage women.  And pairing them with wonderful patterned backgrounds.  

Again, I am impatient for the beginning of the year.  And will preempt myself by featuring a photo that I have been waiting to use.  


It’s titled, “Marcel Breuer and his ‘harem.'”  I’ve always loved the picture.  The women slay me.  But I can kind of do without Monsieur B. leering from the periphery.  So I have cut him out of the picture.

And left what I think the essence is for me:  Three Modern.  Women.  

My intention is not Revisionism.  I do realize that Bauhaus was mainly a male-dominated movement (in the arena of recognition/stature/fame, if not fact).  

I want, rather, to simply to shift the focus.  To really begin to look these women in the eye.  

And that’s not a lot to ask:  they certainly have no trouble meeting our gaze.

* * * 

You can read more about the original photo and who is who here.

* * *

new do2

And don’t think for a minute, I didn’t channel these dames when going to get my hair cut today.  

I thank you kindly, ladies



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