“The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down.” This Explains So. Much.

Last night, trolling Facebook and I saw a post by one of my FB Friends, Kazumi Yamazaki.  

It linked to an song with a curious title & I was intrigued.  So I clicked.    

After two seconds, I laughed out loud,.  I thought I must be wrong.  What I realized.  

So I clicked on other versions of the piece.  

It’s the original song that the Looney Tunes theme is from.

How did I not know this?  I love old popular music.  Especially novelty numbers.  

Gee.  It just makes so much sense to me.  In so many ways.

Bear with me.  Perhaps it’s because it is New Years’ Eve.  Or because this has been quite the Epic.  Year.  In so many ways–I think it will be the one in which I made some changes in my life, of my own accord.  And then Life had some other interesting plans.  

In other words–the Merry-Go-Round Broke Down.  

But in the spirit of the world of the Looney Tune, when things go topsy-turvy, you have to fight back.

Get Creative.  Suit up for Battle.  And Kick Ass.  

In a Bunny Suit.

I love it.  And will literally hear this tune the next time something goes awry.

And will I be laughing…



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