Friday Femme: Lisa Congdon and her Sewing Odyssey.

Lisa Congdon is such a talent.  And such a force.

A graphic designer and Artist-of-All-Sorts, who is inspiring others to step up and be the Creative that they Can.  Be.  


Stretching and growing over the years in so many new ventures and paths.  I love watching her journey from the sidelines.  It is a very very cool thing.

This past year she has committed to the path of less consumption, which I can aspire to.  I have way too much stuff.  Particularly in the “quick fashion” category.  

And last year I had *intended* to get a new sewing machine and begin some simple projects to get some basics that I can wear again and again.  Well.  Lisa has done that very thing & has chronicled her journey on her amazing blog.

Here are the 8 pieces that she has created in the past year.  And it looks like she is going to continue on into 2015.  As can be expected, she claims that her skills have improved radically, over time and with each project.  That’s the kind of progress that I can get into.  


So.  2015:  can we squeeze something like this in?  

Hope so!


Check out her great blog here:  Today Is Going to Be Awesome


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