Tuesday Tutes: Gorgeous Covered Hangers.

As I am spending much of my time these days, getting organized around the house and spending my time in creative ways–I was put in mind of my great Aunt Cleo.  

That lady ALWAYS had some crochet work in her hands, even after she was too blind to be able to see what she was doing.  She would work by feel.  She was prolific, to say the least.

I remember her making us crocheted hanger covers (among many other things), when I was little.  They always were special and loved items, reserved for particular pieces of clothing.

As I have said, I am about to tackle my clothing closet and give it a major revamp.  Plus I am going to be going out of town for a few weeks, coming up.  The perfect time for a quick pick-up yarn project.  For those of you that know me, I am a little in/famous for these types of projects.  And can be a bit machine-like in their production.  🙂

Started looking at Pinterest & pinning ideas.  And some have the patterns/tutorials linked.  These are just a few of the ones out there.  But I invite you to peruse my board if you feel so inclined:


I figured Amazon Prime would be a good source of hangers.  Couldn’t find the plain old-fangled wooden bar kind.  But did find the padded ones, pretty much for a song:  8 hangers for $8.28, plus free shipping.  Also a boon:  they are already padded–so just need to sew up the knitted “slipcovers.”  Easy.  Peasy.


And what a wonderful use for all that “stash” yarn…

Can’t wait to get started.



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