Friday Femme–Annabella Lwin

I’ve recently found myself downloading tons of tunes by Bow Wow Wow.

This is partly due to the fact that I am an occasionally nostalgic teen of the 80’s.  

And due to the pure force that was Annabella Lwin.

  This girl was on fire.  Fierce and Wild.  Shrieking and Precocious.  Provacative.  

In a way that I understood so very clearly at the time to be the (inner, at least) me.


And in a way that my older self can pause and reflect.  On the very thought of unbottling and unbridling female passion and energy.  For our/my own self.  Or upon request.

I know that there is a layer there around the fact of her age at the time of her greatest fame.  Whether she was sexualized or wrongly used.  But I will leave that alone.  For I think that part of her great talent was the reality of her tender years.  That abandon that comes from being so.  very.  young.

And only I know how much good “hanging from the trees, naked in the breeze” would do me now…


So I thank you for what you brought to the table for me, Annabella.  I think you are incredible. 

Short Doc about her life and background…



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