Millinery Jackpot.

I am still shaking my head at what happened yesterday.

I went back to a local thrift store, to check out some vintage hats that I had left behind.  I just couldn’t make up my mind about them.  I just walked away.


But since it was on the way to other Saturday errands, I walked in to see if they were still there.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Not only were those items still there, but more were, besides.  And these new items that had just been put out were so much better!

It was like I was on an Easter Egg hunt that was staged for a 4-year old.



I went around and picked what I saw.  Not believing my good luck.  They had obviously received a donation from a former Milliner.  Or at least someone interested in hats/hatmaking.  And as you may know, that is not something that you see every day.  

I picked up these lovelies.  And do pardon the photography–it was a rainy day here and could scarcely light it, let alone stage it.  Just wanted to report my good luck!  🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pictured in the lot are

1.  3 vintage hats that I will lovingly restore to a more Modern State of wearability

2.  a balsa hat block that is just my own hat size

3.  a black unblocked velour hood

4.  FIVE vintage Industrial Bobbins, used in the old textile mills–but I use them as hat stands

5.  a really solid child’s torso mannequin.

* * *

And here is the best part–I only paid $ 115.00 for the lot.  Really incredible deal.

I am so tickled.  As you can imagine–this just doesn’t happen that often, while random thrifting.  


PS:  What is really gratifying is that this is the location that we have donated SO MUCH STUFF over the years.  It’s such a good one & am pleased to be able to give them my $$$ as well.  Win::Win.



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