THE. Friday Femme: Sonia Delaunay.

As you may have noticed, I like to feature female figures from the past and present on a Friday.  Give a little shout-out to those who have inspired me and influence me today.

Today’s Friday Femme may well be the definitive, in my book.  

Sonia Delaunay.

Here is a sampling from the various genres she worked in.

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Textile Design


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Fashion/Fashion Illustration


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Her work certainly resonates with me–the riot of color and pattern.  I am amazed at her energy and output.  The panache of it all.  

And what is interesting, too, is that she does this in a way that is not “unlike” that of others around at the time.  She has so much in common with her Constructivist peers–and brings to mind for me the work of, say, Kandinsky or of El Lissitzky.

Well, they may have some of the same look.  And use some of the same shapes.  

But to me, they are missing a little something.  

* * *

I see a softness and fluidity in her lines that are a thing apart.  And essentially Feminine.

And I suppose, like-to-like, that is why I feel her work in a deeper, more personal place.



PS:  You can read much more about this artist at The Red List.


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