Sweet Sunday Sounds: Lux Radio Theater

Throwback Thursday: reposting this one from the Archives.

I am in an Old Time Radio Facebook group and there was a fun thread regarding Lux Radio Theater. Thought I would throw this back in the mix for fun. xxx

Flapper Femme


Something that I love nearly as much as classic cinema–is Old Time Radio.  This has been the case since I was a pre-teen, when I started listening to recordings on albums and cassettes I first found in the public library and enjoyed over and OVER

As I’ve mentioned before, I was a kind of strange kid.  In love with the past.  In my own dreamy world.

This has been a past-time that has only been helped with technology.  But, sadly–I’ve not really ever been able to “share” this passion with others.  It’s just not a particularly easy sell these days–the “Theater of the Mind.”  Kind of lacks all of the technological bells and whistles that we are used to.

But golly.  It was THE head-trip and entertainment staple of its day!  And it is one that is my go-to as I commute and putter around the house.  It…

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