Smells Like Sunday. The Scent of Happy.

This is my day, when I am working full-time, to clean the house.


Not the deep, spring cleaning that I yearn to do.  Not the one-off project and overhaul that would bring true order to the joint.  But the end-of-week freshening up that must take place in order for the new one to begin.

It’s not my favorite of tasks, but one that must be done.   That said, it is important to me to surround myself with the “tools” that make this job a little more enjoyable.

My favorite of all is my collection of Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products. 


They’ve been around for a long while, particularly in their most standard of scents–basil, lavender and verbena.  But there is a whole rainbow-world of scents.  And I am not quite sure why this range is not more readily available in more retail outlets.  

But Target is a good place to start, if you would like to give them a whirl.  Or you can order them directly from the website.  Prices are amazing.  A little goes a long way.  

I love the way that they somehow manage to smell clean and perfumed.  Fresh and not a bit cloying.  I change them out seasonally, so am retiring my Iowa Pine for now and turning to, Bluebell, I think.  And I plan to try Sunflower a little later down the road.

Off to scrub away.  Enjoy your Sunday, kids…



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