Happy Easter.


Holidays tend to hit me kind of hard.  As the “away” daughter, this is a large part of it.  

Probably the fact that I don’t have children to create new traditions with, is another.

Maybe it is just the changing of seasons and the passing of time.

But these emotions can make me more than a little blue.

images (25)

But just as they always do–they will pass.

And that much easier, if I am just gentle with myself and am clear about what this sensation is.

Nothing is wrong.  Needs to be fixed.

Life is just beautiful.  And fleeting.


I hope that you are loving yourself and your own wonderful life, whether you celebrate anything this weekend or not.  

I look forward to sharing this coming Springtime with you.


* * *

Original photo, by E.O. Hoppe, on the Vintage Photo Booth Facebook Page–posted by Mavis L. Purdy.

Color Blandishments, by me!


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