Tuesday Tricks.

My southern Mom has a way about her.  


There are many phrases that we have in our family, that have no real known origin.

Except that they seem to come from her and her Georgia roots.  

They often have no connection with any Dictionary definition of the word or phrase.  At least not that I can seem to find.

One of my favorites, is a “trick.”  

* * *

Mary Lou Definition:

[trik] n.  ” a little item, often of small financial cost, that brings the recipient happiness or cheer.”

Here, Les, a little trick for you.  (*presents tin of homemade cookies or pretty sweater bought on sale*).

* * *

That said–here are a few “tricks” that I am having a hard time resisting at Anthropologie.  What made me think of the “trick” concept is that they are both lovely to me.  And items that I have wanted for themselves and our living space.  But ones that I was considering as a little “something” for my fella’.  Not for my own ownership, per se.

 Hence, “the trick.”

1.  Ribbon Candy Trinket Boxes.  These are so delicious.  The first time that I saw them, there were only a few of each style.  Last time I looked–only one of each.  Argh!  Do I?  Don’t I?  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2.  Hideaway Book Boxes.  I love the soft graphics on this.  D. would love the ingenious factor.  They would match our shared office space.  

The choice of them made easy because they come in each of our favorite hues.  And they are on sale…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In thinking this through–I can see the subtle connection and thread of these items to my mother’s concept as it has been practiced in our family–there is something special, considered and thoughtful about them.  But as with all things Anthro and in Life–they are all about Impulse.  Where taste meets timing.  And fleeting availability.  Not needing what it is, in particular, to meet one’s true needs.  But something that is nice to give.  Nice to have.  

There is some kind of formula here.  One that goes beyond first world consumerism and the need to buybuybuy.  I’m not sure of the equation.  I am not sure if I am just playing with these ideas and actual items–whether they will be purchased or if they are just delightful to think about.  

I just know that it is a very interesting and highly personal Economy.



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