Art for the Masses: Papirmass–Sale!

A few weeks ago, I wrote this post, extolling the virtues and discussing some future purchasing at the wonderful Papirmass.

slideshow_1 (1)

I just checked their site, and they are having a sale!  In fact, select prints are 50% off.  Which makes them a whopping $4.99/per.  Not on the ones that I had intended to purchase.  But seriously reconsidering.




And I don’t know about you, but the Yoko O. print gives me the giggles (in a great way) every time.  And that bright geometric is big!  18 x 24″  That is a bang for your buck, I would say.  Plus, this artist mentions bauhaus wonder woman Gunta Stolzl as an inspiration–I’m in!  

* * *

Now if I can only find the wall space.

Thought it was worth sharing.  Check it, for yourselves.



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