Worlds. Collide.

One of my passions, that I don’t really share on this venue, is my love of animals.

I have two amazing kitties.  Adopted from The Lange Foundation, where I still volunteer every Saturday.


Maybe it was because I was en route Lange yesterday.

And maybe it was because I was passing my amazing local fabric store, Sew Modern.   


And maybe because CatCon LA is coming next month.

images (28)

I knew I wanted some feline fabric.

* * *

Here is what I ended up with, at the suggestion of the wonderful staff–


Cotton and Steel, Hatbox Collection–Tiger Stripes, Alexia Abegg


Happy Cats, Makower UK

* * *

What a happy purchase.  (Note:  I refrained from saying “purrrrrrchase.”)

I think they will make a wonderful little hat, perfect.  (Note:  ” .”)

And certainly not too-over-the-top for an event that is summed up as Comic Con for cat lovers.

I think, all things considered, I will be keeping it very classy…



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