Friday Femme: Alla Nazimova

There’s a good reason that I am featuring Alla Nazimova this week, on the Friday Femme.

I’ve recently updated my business cards (and that is for another post).  And I found myself drawn to this particular image:

2 aaaa-alla-nazimova-22

I can’t tell you how much I am in love with this headpiece.  And this Russian-born, later to be a Naturalized US citizen.  She was not only a famous actress of stage and film.  But a writer, director, lover and fighter.    

She’s an impressive force.  Came to Hollywood at the age of 36, after 10 years of fame on the stage back East.

This photo is from the production of Salome. 


Here is a clip from the 1923 film, where you can see it in action.  (Literally)


And do you know what?  That was not the end of the hat.  It was actually found in a trunk in Columbus, Georgia last fall!  You can read more about that story and much much more on the Alla Nazimova Society website.

I suppose one of the reasons that I love this film and this shot so much is that she was, make no mistake, over the top.  And she is portraying a 14-year old, at the age of 42.  There is something poignant in that fact, too.  Behind all the drama and Camp factor.  I just adore it.

Look out, kids.  I will likely be adding some pearls to a piece in the not-to-distant future…

In the meantime, here are some other pics of the Divine Ms. N.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And oh!  That hair!  She’s an original Curly Girl.



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