Happy Birthday, my love!

786_1063543622808_4262_n (1)

It’s David’s birthday today.

And this may be one of my favorite photos that I have of us.  It was taken in 2008, on a visit to LACMA.  They had a photo booth there and we jumped in and took this set.

One thing that I remember clearly is that you could see “inside” the booth–that is to say, that the long line of people waiting to have their photo taken could see the photos on a screen outside the booth, as they were being shot.

When we emerged from the booth, a girl called over to me, “Boy!  He really loves you!”  

It was a sweet thing to say.  And a sweet way that he has always made me feel.  And I think, too, you can surely see it in my eyes–I’m smitten.  And these pics were taken 12 years into our relationship…

786_1063004369327_5481_n (1)


I’m pleased to say that a friend recently told me that in her observations of us as a couple together, she noticed that I still flirt with D.  (Why yes, I do)!

And I think that is not too shabby.  19 years next month.  

Happy Birthday–love you, Pops…



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