Friday Femme: Mary Blair

After watching the (actually very interesting) 2-part Walt Disney bio on PBS last week–I’m still haunted by the fact that in all those hours of narrative. No. Mention. Of. MARY BLAIR.

Particularly in light of the fact that there was such a focus on the gender ceilings within Disney company. And that they did not shy away from “important” artistic stand-outs within the Disney line. Hmmmm…food for thought.

And worth a repost of this Amazing. Artist. xxx

Flapper Femme


My inspiration for today’s Femme occurred to me, strangely enough, at Cost Plus.  (See previous post), where I spied this Little Golden Book, illustrated by the wonderful Mary Blair.


We all have been impacted on some level by this artist.  Through her work in illustration and, of course, with her collaborations with Disney.  I truly admire her polished image (what a lovely lady!), as well as her inspired use of color, line and form.  Perfection.

More about Ms. Blair’s interesting life and career here, or at this website, which is curated by her nieces.  

I’ll leave you with a gallery of her creative flair…


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