Kodachrome. For a More Colorful Monday…

Wow.  As a (at least for the immediate present) full-time Creative Type, my schedule is truly opposite of what I’m used to.  And it can be a little disorienting.

I am most accustomed to working a 9-5 during the week.  And then having the weeknights and weekends for such things as “me” time.  For chores, etc. etc…

Now I find I have more obligations during the weekend.  And my week can sometimes stretch out before me.  A little daunting-like.

download (40)

One thing that has not changed–the housework *must be done!*  And I must say, I certainly run a tidier ship these days.  But the one thing that has NOT changed, is the soundtrack of my housework time.

Just as when I was a youngun’ and my mother would turn up the record player and put on the latest installment from Random House Records (remember that?!).  

Today, I cue up Paul Simon, in particular.  Because that is one voice from those days that I have kept closely with me through the years.

Old Paul Simon and I have cleaned some house, let me tell you…

And I love this song, in particular.

So nice for today–a HOT.  Sunny with gathering clouds and hopefully some cooler weather.  Such a Monday.

images (68)Kodachrome-8mm-boximages (68)


ps:  Because, yes!  “Everything looks worse in Black and White.”  Agreed.


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