Strength in Numbers: LA Hat Collective.

I thought I would post today about a group of women that I am proud to call friends and co-creators.

We officially had decided to join forces about six months ago, under the name and auspice of the LA Hat Collective.


Unofficially, we had been taking classes together and from one another.  Sharing resources, information and materials.  But united we stand.  

Our official venue will be that of mutual support, promoting the wearing and making of hats and local hat makers, as well as the exhibiting of our wares at local shows.


We met for brunch this past Sunday.  For some good eats and to discuss what is next for the group.

It was lovely to see the ladies.  To discuss new babies, travel and new work.  And to sit across from the young daughter of one member, who must be soaking up the collaborative vibe and business mind of her wonderful mother.



One of the things that I love most about this group (apart from the sheer talent of these women), is that while we are all Milliners and creatives, our styles vary.  Our looks are distinct and distinguishable.  And as unique as each of us is, from  one another.

What I also love (and haven’t told them to their faces, as yet), is that several of these vendors,teachers, inspired ladies, I had seen over time at shows.  And was too shy and uncertain of my own abilities to approach.  It would never have occurred to me that I could join their numbers.  Hence my pride in being a member among them.

And in the interest of full disclosure, I am an Angeleno that doesn’t drive.  (I know!)  And I have let this situation be a hindrance to moving forward in my work.  In thinking that it is too difficult to get around.  To participate in shows.

The members have been very sweet in helping me get my footing.  In showing me the way.  In offering help and support.  How cool is that?

It goes to show you that there is also power and ability of a dream. Just keeping your mind’s-eye on “the what” of it. The universe WILL surely take care of the HOW.

Thanks, ladies.  You are amazing.  I’m so looking forward to seeing how this unfolds!

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PS1:  Do click the link to see the Collective’s website to learn more about these amazing women and their work.

PS2:  Do stay tuned!  Here.  On the Collective site.  And FB & Instagram.


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