Women. At the Table.


Apropos of my last post, lauding the merits of the Bauhaus movement, and in light of the purport of my blog (as a platform to provide a focus for women in art and culture)–I have to admit there is a niggling moment in that film.  One that represents a bit of a conundrum when considering this movement.

For me, it is in the common understanding that the movers and shakers of Bauhaus were all male.  And if you take a look at the picture above, of the Master Instructors at the school–well, that is the case.  However, the lone female in that photo–Gunta Stolzl–by no means is the token lady participating.

For me, the spirit of the Bauhaus is in its women.  Those that created in the various workshops.  The young, free-spirited and talented women that I endeavor to highlight here–particularly in the “Friday Femme” feature of this blog.


It is just a small way of re-shifting the focus.  After all, it takes two to tango, as they say.  And it seems so evident to me, when you look at the photos of the events and in the studio, that this combination of male and female energy is so very present.  

And yes–the women in the movement were certainly outpaced in the race to the top.  Perhaps they hit that glass ceiling at a much lower level.  And perhaps, too, they have lost their place in the cultural memory.

But by God–they were allowed a Seat at the Table.  And I’ll be damned, if they didn’t take it.  And that is what is remarkable.  Noteworthy.  And Inspiring to me.



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