Friday Femme: Friedl Dicker-Brandeis.

This woman did so much in her short life.  You can see this on an extensive timeline of her achievements here and here.


In trying to pinpoint what it is that I admire most about her life and career–besides her being a student of Bauhaus who went on to become a successful career and business person–is her passion and compassion.  

The fact that she was politically active, early on.  

That she was interested, and in the end, devoted to, children–encouraging them to be more and create more.  She both pushing them and her, to stretch, grow, and live in an impossible setting.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

examples of the work of her child pupils, in Theresienstadt

That is staying connected outside  of herself and to others, that she had the greatest chance of saving her own self.  That’s my interpretation, in any case.  History had another story to write.  But I will always think of her in this way.




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