Cozy. Cool.

There is something about enamelware, be it vintage or new, that is so utterly comforting.

Perhaps it is in their look and in the way they actually *feel* to the touch.  They are cool and soothing in your hands.  And delicious in that they are softly enrobed in that thick coating of paint.  Conversely hard AND soft–almost rubbery, in your hands…

My sister collects stenciled vintage pieces that are brightly colored.  I use quite plain vintage and new enamel trays to corral my artistic works-in-progress.

And, of course, there is a perfect use for them in the kitchen.  I saw these over at Fab, and am quite taken with them.  By Golden Rabbit–where if you look at their full website, they have quite the product range.  They have pieces printed with licensed art as well as more traditional (conservative) patterns. 

But it is the marbled pieces that really get me.  And if you go to the GR site, you will see a wider range of colors available.  They also have black, green and orange.  !!!

Not a much better deal at FAB, right now, than on the website–but if you stay tuned, they could always be included in a FAB blowout sale.  I’ll keep my eyes peeled, in any case…

Interesting how enamelware for the home used to be a staple.  Good to know that it continues, at least in some degree, so that we can enjoy it today…



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