Please stand by…

I will be absent from the Blog until the beginning of January. 


Another extended trip to  visit the Fam in Oregon. So nice to be where there are Seasons. And to be able to take this personal time out.

I will also be making some adjustments to content and format and would love to hear your feedback before, during, and after. 

With all the Social Media available, it’s time to make some hard decisions about how best to us this particular venue. It has served me so well as a “personal” shared space–one that I could put into one place, a daily reminder of the art and its makers. The history and the on-time style that swirls around us and in my mind.

As such a flexible format, I have resisted turning it into commerce. But it was actually the initial intention behind its creation.  And I think that it is time to highlight a more professional side of my Creative Life. There is so much that has been going on in the past few months. I look forward to sharing it with you!  And there will be plenty of fun content, too. 

So do please, stand by. 

I’ll be back shortly…woot!



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